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"Within each of us lies a superhero—waiting for the moment when their date with destiny arrives on their doorstep."

Aaron Parnell, ACST, Posture Optimization Specialist


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The Posture Genius™ uses hands-on therapy as well as group and individual exercise to completely realign muscle tension patterns and work with you to elongate muscles, reduce tension, and restore natural movements and balance to your entire body.


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Posture Optimization is dedicated to addressing musculoskeletal imbalances that cause poor posture. To learn more about becoming a  Posture Optimization Specialist learn more at


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Choose from a variety of our online courses, books, webinars, videos and tons of other great content all of which are designed to help you improve your posture and way of life from the convenience of your home.


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The Reposturing® Solution

A pure and natural way for all people who want pain relief. "The Posture Genius", Aaron Parnell is educating people on a NEW Health Economy.

Our Courses

These courses are designed to help you improve your posture and way of life from the convenience of your home.


22 Days to Great Posture Bootcamp


These 22 exercises will help you improve your posture and gain flexibility. Every day for 22 days, you will receive ONE Great Posture Groove to focus on. Take it slow or fast. Master it by the end of the day. Keep it in your repertoire for what to do, to maintain great posture easily, effortlessly, naturally.


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22 Days to Dazzling Posture Bootcamp


The Posture Bootcamp for Busy Women--Lift Bustline. Reduce Facial Tension. Reverse posture-aging. 22 Days to Transform your body to Fit, Flexible and Fabulous at any age.


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The Superhero Startup Bootcamp

It only takes about 12 minutes to do. You can do it in the confines of your Shelter-In-Place mandates. No equipment necessary. It will strengthen your immune system, and improve your posture.